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Branded as Cash4UNow (also termed as and Cash 4 U Now).

Instalment loans. Their best rate is available over their full 6 month term.

The registration and launch of took place in 2011.

This brand is a trading name of Novaloans Ltd.

About Novaloans Ltd:
Cash4UNow is the only lending division of Novaloans. They do have a separate brokering site though by the name of WiseCash. This is found at and it was setup by them in 2012.

Other UK Brands:
They only lend through the brand being discussed today, although as noted above they do also broker loans through WiseCash.

✓Cash4UNow Loans✓
This company is best categorised as a 6 month loan lender, since this is where you will receive the best deal for them when it comes to the interest charges. They do actually offer instalments loans from 1 to 6 months although there are specific qualifying amounts required across their available terms. You will have to receive the single monthly term for amounts of £150 or below. Sums from £160 to £190 have a maximum 3 month term in place and for £200 or above you can freely choose any term that you desire. For same day funding you will need to pay £10 extra, but even when you do this they will still be the cheapest 6 month loan lender when all charges are factored. Do note though that you must be aged 21 or above to qualify with them and they must also contact your employer.

£100 to £400 for new applicants. £750 for existing customers.

You will as noted need to apply for £200 to be offered the full range of between 1 and 6 months. The daily charges get cheaper as you extend the terms. Examples will be provided here for 1, 3 and 6 month terms when you borrow £200 from them.

Costs Per £200 Borrowed (Slow Transfer):
£60 (30%) = 1% daily (1 mth).
£134.98 (67.49%) = 0.7499% daily (3 mths).
£179.98 (89.99%) = 0.4999% (6 mths).

Costs Per £200 Borrowed (Same Day):
£70 (35%) = 1.1667% daily (1 mth).
£144.98 (72.49%) = 0.8054% daily (3 mths).
£189.98 (94.99%) = 0.5277% daily (6 mths).

Promo Code:
There is a Cash4UNow promo code box on the application form. This should be in place to discount their transfer fee. Unfortunately, there is no coverage on this promo code anywhere on the web. When checking the social pages of this lender they don’t mention this code and instead just tend to promote competitions where their customers can win money.

The application form is encrypted at and customers can manage their loan online through the attached Cash4UNow login feature.

You will have the option of slow funding that should take a few days to clear your account or you can receive fast funding via the Faster Payments Service that is priced at £10. Loans are only processed between Monday and Friday and it would be recommended to be get your application in before 4pm. This is in light of them closing at 5.30pm and they also have to verify the application with your employer.


Trade Association Members:
Members of the CCTA (Consumer Credit Trade Association).

Contact Number and Email:
0845 676 9676 and no email listing (you must use a contact form).

Contact Times:
Monday to Friday is 9am to 5.30pm,
Saturday and Sunday is closed.

Main Address:
7 Limewood Way, Leeds, LS14 1AB.

Cash4UNow Debt Collectors:
There is no information on the web surrounding the debt collectors used by this lender.

Consumer Reviews:
There are no reviews on the Review Centre or Trustpilot.

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